KPS for a new intervention in their offices. A new management office, with a small built meeting table, is the project of interior design entrusted to us, and we could locate in the work area by a glass partition that performs an insulating function.

The difficulty of the work spent by combining, in one space, two elements seem as distant as the privacy of an office with accessibility and proximity to workers. Therefore, we chose to place a large glass wall overlooking the entire space, offering a clear perspective of what is happening inside without damaging the insulation necessary.

Inside place a minimalist furniture, designed in our study, consistent with the visual space adjacent the technical room. However, to provide personality to the office, a room dedicated to working with clients, we chose to use a polished finish for steel grating instead of an adjoining room. This furniture keeps the focus on the functional design, a constant in all of these office spaces.

This intervention of interior design in office is connected with the proposal designed for the entire building. Venues with personality that convey the values ​​of the group, ie offering "solutions", "respect for nature", "energy control" and a commitment to the "new technologies".


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Abu Dhabi Media

Size:350 sq m
Scope:Interior Fit Out & Furniture
Sector:Work Places
MEP Consultant:N/A
Project Manager:KPS
Duration:2.5 Months

KPS Saudi Arabia
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